VEJA Spring & Summer ’18

This season we’re proud to introduce Veja, a French brand making huge commitments to ethically sourcing natural materials. Veja is built on transparency and with every pair of shoes comes detail, the story of how they’re made and exactly what’s gone into them.

From organic and fair trade cotton to wild rubber from the Amazon, the steps Veja take are as much about decreasing our impact on resources as making a great pair of shoes. In every box you’ll find a little booklet outlining what the brand do and precisely why they do it.  It’s a brand that prefers action rather than promises and although every corporation seems to be making an eco friendly statement these days, we get the impression that Veja’s is sincere and very much part of it’s DNA.

Below is our first drop of the season with two fantastic silhouettes arrived already. Head over to the website to take a look and shop now.


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