Exclusive Interview with Jason Markk!

Established in 2007, Jason Markk is the world’s most trusted brand in premium shoe care. The brand began by introducing their premium shoe cleaner, a product that still stands and has since then released a full line of products! A must have line of products for those who seek to protect and keep their sneakers pristine. 

We sat down with the man himself, discussing everything from his love of shoes to his cleaning horror stories and asked the questions you want answering about the brands missions.

Triads: Where did your own love for shoes come from? 

JM: Sneakers go hand-in-hand with basketball and hip-hop, and I was introduced to both at a young age. Some of my best memories as a kid was screaming at the TV cheering on the Lakers with my family, and watching music videos with my two older sisters.

Triads: What was your first ever trainer purchase? 

JM: My first ever sneakers were a pair of black Nike Flight 89s. 

Triads: Since it was established in 2007, how has the first product introduced ‘Premium Shoe Cleaner’ formula developed? 

JM: At the time, there wasn’t such thing as premium shoe care. I wanted to create a product that was designed for sneaker culture and most importantly, could be trusted. I hired a chemist and went to work.

Triads: What bad shoe cleaning horrors have you experienced yourself? 

JM: Luckily, nothing too crazy. I’ve had the occasional dog shit episode or hot dog condiment accident.

Triads: The brand’s mission is promoting a ‘culture of care by way of quality products and experience’, how do you always manage to uphold this?

JM: Care means so much to me personally and professionally. It’s not just some buzz word, it’s a way of life, hence the term ‘culture of care’. In fact, Care is one of our company values. What this means with respect to product and experience is that we dedicate the time and consideration for the best possible outcome. Whether it be design, innovation and perhaps most importantly, self.

Triads: What was the worst shoe you ever had to clean and how did you manage to bring it back to its quality? Do you have any photos to share with this? 

JM: The pair that immediately comes to mind are the “Bloody Bapes”. The LA store had only been open a few months when a customer dropped off a pair Bape Stas that were covered in blood. He had a firework mishap whilst celebrating the Fourth of July and had almost blown off his hand. Luckily for him, his hand healed fine, plus we were able to save his kicks. (Before & after images shown)

Triads: Your products don’t contain any harsh chemicals, why was this so important to the brand?

JM: As a company we approach design holistically and take into consideration the impact our products may have on Mother Earth. It’s important that we minimize any impact as much as possible. We acknowledge that there is and always will be room for improvement and we are 100% up to the challenge.

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