May 20th 2014: Converse Chuck Taylor 70s Zebra & Camo

Printed Converse are pretty common these days but few can rival the authenticity of these editions harking all the way back to 1984. This was the year Converse began experimenting with the legendary Chuck Taylor and backed by a flash advertising campaign, both designs were a resounding success. The zebra iteration was unofficially plugged by skaters like Jason Jesse and the camo one didn't need much of a push to fly off the shelves.

Today the prints follow a successful roll-out of the now familiar Chuck Taylor 70s. After being treated to a slew of solid heritage colourways, we're now blessed with two of the earliest prints. Just like the single colours, these versions feature the reinforced profile and premium hardware. From extra foxing to a double walled canvas, they're effortlessly slicker and well deserved of the slightly elevated price tag.

Look for these both in-store and online when they launch this Friday 23rd May 00:01GMT

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May 12th 2014: Triads x Tricker's Spring & Summer '14

Continuing our annual partnership with Tricker's this season we're delighted to present three new styles for the discerning gentleman. In the past we've explored every avenue from white boots to Oxblood long-wings but this season we've touched upon what Tricker's shoes really means to us. Tricker's is a word synonymous quality but after craftsmanship and longevity we start to think of the brand's timeless aesthetic. One of the designs that has made Tricker's such a celebrated company is undoubtedly the Derby Brogue.

Although there's variations and slight twists on the silhouette, the Derby Brogue is still as the centre of every gentleman's wardrobe. We're also by no means opposed to a splash of colour but this season we've chosen to focus on an enduring hue that transcends trends. Rather than following a theme and channeling it through colours and materials, every aspect of this season's collaboration is timeless. From the profile to the simplistic leather soles, they're incredibly easy to wear and either the starting block for an outfit or the finishing touch.

Three silhouettes are now available in the webstore each instilled with the same ideals. Keeping them quintessentially British and staying true to the brand we're working with, we're proud to declare these Made In England. Tricker's is a global brand attracting some of the world's hottest collaborators but we'd like to think we've brought the Derby shoe back home with his one.

Available in-store now and online now.


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May 07th 2014: Nike Tech Pack 'Hyperfuse Windrunner'

Nike's Windrunner jacket is iconic and a legendary athletic jacket that went from the side of the track to the forefront of fashion. 2014 marks the jacket's 34th anniversary and to celebrate Nike have ushered the jacket into their latest Tech Pack. Known for reinvention and constantly pushing the envelope, Nike's Tech efforts have gone a long way towards revolutionizing sportswear as we know it. Having already provided warmth and comfort Nike's designers try their hand at weightlessness and subtraction.

The Nike Hyperfuse Windrunner is in essence a lesser version of the original. We don't mean lesser in the usual sense of the word but literally lesser. Less weight, less restriction and less worry. Less is more though as decreasing these things adds to another set of attributes. Firstly the Hyperfuse Windrunner is one of the most breathable jackets we've ever seen but as an added bonus it's also confidently durable too. Aesthetically it's breathtaking as the transparent design amplifies the fusing and creates a multi dimensional piece that you can almost see through.

To summarize it's a forward thinking design built from the inside out. Everything on the jacket boasts an unbelievable attention to detail and creates a piece that's easy and convenient for the summer months. It's optimized for performance but through a great set of colours appropriated for the street. Nike has always been about innovation but as with everything in the Tech Pack, it's versatile well designed too.

Three colourways are available online now.



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May 07th 2014: adidas Originals ZX500 Weave Spring & Summer '14

Remember when there was no such thing as knitted footwear? You may recall back in 2012 when Nike and adidas were embroiled in a bitter battle over who did it first. However, we're glad all that has settled down now and we can finally embrace both brands' efforts two years on. Two years ago the Primeknit and the Flyknit were both uber limited and annoyingly hard to get hold of but as the concept has matured the technology has wormed it's way into general releases.

This season adidas have knitted or 'weaved' one of their most triumphant silhouettes. The ZX500 is a legendary design and one we thought couldn't get any better. We're 30 years from the shoe's inception and during that time it's aged with finesse. The shoe's sleek profile and rugged sole unit is what makes it so fit for the woven upper as without the supportive sole unit it could flop and end up unstructured. A refined aesthetic and intelligent tooling is what the ZX500 has always been about and it's good to see that 2014 hasn't altered anything.

Five colourways are available this season jumping from clean white to pops of pink. All are variously priced ranging from £66 to £72 available online now


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Apr 28th 2014: Saucony x West NYC Shadow 5000 'Cabin Fever'

Teaming with premium sneaker outpost WEST NYC, Saucony present a custom version of the famed Shadow 5000 silhouette. Although the shoe is a naturally rugged and known for pounding the track, West NYC have interpreted it a little differently channeling the beaten track and distinct woodland influences. It's the obvious inspiration that earns them the 'Cabin Fever' moniker and following on from a summery 'Tequila Sunrise' effort in the middle of last year, these are the perfect sequel. First released in November (2013) through West NYC and gradually trickling down to other retailers, the 'Cabin Fever' quickly sold out and vanished from the market. Few have even surfaced on eBay since and even Saucony's London Pop Up was left drained after UK sneakerheads snapped up all that remained. To our knowledge, our allocation is the last and definitely your final chance to snag these before they're gone for good.

The instantly recognisable theme is perhaps what makes this collaboration so successful. Unlike many colabs that simply pair two logos, this one is the product of serious consideration and every element represents the great outdoors. From the bark coloured suede to the flecked midsole, they look and feel like a woodland environment rather than just claiming they're about it. Thankfully though it's not such a drastic overhaul. The Shadow 5000's usual tooling is in place and everything right down to the XT600 sole unit is exactly as it should be.

As mentioned this release is particularly limited and it's very much a case of fastest finger first when we launch these online later this week. At this point release details are not set in stone so stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram outlets for the final details. We'll also be posting live links to ensure sneakerheads have a fair shot. To register your interest and receive a link to your inbox, please contact

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