Mar 13th 2014: Nike ACG Lunar Incognito

Channeling 90s outdoor vibes and teaming them with modern comfort and technology, the ACG Lunar Incognito is a work of art. Nike have been on somewhat of a run lately when it comes to beefing up old favourites but the arrival of an all new ACG model has certainly took us by surprise. ACG releases are few and far between but that's not to say there is no demand for well designed outdoor shoes. Just like Nike's previous outdoor output, the Lunar Incognito boasts quirky looks and serious credentials.

The first point of interest and possibly the shoe's most prominent feature is the heavy duty sole unit. This is deceptively light and although the under-sole is rigid and hard wearing, comfort is still retained through it's Lunarlon tooling. Such a great sole needs an equally impressive upper and the Incognito boasts just that too. As well as being blessed with supportive Flywire the upper also features bonded panels for a sufficient level of water resistance and protection. Furthermore, a sock lining is present and the lacing system is overlaid by printed tape. Tasteful finishings include classic ACG branding to the heel and tongue and the end result is an adventurous classic.

Both colourways of the Nike ACG Lunar Incognito willl be available online in limited numbers at midnight. (00:01GMT 14/3/14).

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Mar 06th 2014: CP Company Spring '14 Outerwear

Following our picks from Stone Island's spring collection yesterday it's time to take a look at what CP Company have to offer. Having already presented the Nycra Bomber and a couple of windcheaters earlier in the season, CP have kicked up a gear for March releasing two Goggle Jacket twists and a host of adapted silhouettes.

The first jacket we're focussing on is the impressive Parachute Hood Field Jacket, a slight twist on CP's signature goggle jacket constructed from a lightweight nylon. True to CP Company's aesthetic the silhouette is essentially a field jacket despite the modifications and nudges into the future. As well as the tabs under each pocket the tape also extends to the hood giving it the 'Parachute' part of it's name. These slight enhancements and tweaks on the familiar design create a piece that's both technical and tailored. Head over to the web-store to check it out in detail.

The next jacket is arguably even better, the Frosted Nylon Goggle Field Jacket. Even more technical than it's name, this advanced take on a military classic is crafted using a resistant nylon with a frosted finish. Jackets like this are exactly why we love CP Company and the brand have expertly combined technology and tailoring. As you might hope, the goggles are in their usual position and the staggering attention to detail is also in place.

Both of these CP Company jackets as well as a further range of pieces are all available in our web-store.


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Mar 04th 2014: Stone Island Spring & Summer '14 Outerwear

At this point Stone Island is a brand that needs no introduction. That being said, their SS14 collection has certainly threw up a number of talking points. Once again the brand are pushing forward, pushing the envelope in terms of both fabric and construction using unfathomable processes and advanced techniques. Take a look at three of the best below.

One of spring and summer's highlights has to be the 'Mixed Fibre Panama Watro'. Although it's a piece with a simple aesthetic the fabric used is of an exceptionally high calibre. It's made using an intricate weave of linen, cotton, nylon & polyester with a wealth of technical benefits. As if a blend of four materials wasn't enough the advanced mixture has also been resin treated to achieve a level of wind and water resistance. All of this though is only contributing to the jacket's practical properties as the rich depth of colour you see has been achieved through a different process entirely. The method is described by the brand as a 'double dip recipe' which somehow brings the natural colours of the fabric to the surface whilst enriching them too. Head over to the store to check out some more shots of the Panama Watro.

Another highlight is of course the 3L Hooded Ghost Jacket with it's anti-drop finish. Although primarily the exterior is made from cotton, it is the layered blend of additional membranes that ensures wind and rain resistance at performance level. This research fuelled fabric twinned with taped seams creates a fully resistant barrier between the wearer and the elements that actually looks great too. Finished with a tonal arm patch and a high-stance collar.

Our third choice is an obvious one in the shape of the Heat Reactive & Thermo Sensitive Marina Jacket referncing one of the brand's most iconic collections. It's made using an egg-shell like material that suprisingly is actually cotton before all of the modifications. As well as light weather resistance the jacket also boasts a unique dimension in the sense that it gradually changes colour with heat. This jaw-dropping effect is achieved through the use of molecules with encapsulated pigment slowly released as the temperature rises. This changes the shade of the jacket from black to blue and back again depending on how quickly it cools down. Seeing is believing so head over to the product page for a closer look.

All three jackets will shortly be available with the rest of the collection over in our web-store.

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Feb 27th 2014: Maison Kitsune Tee Spring & Summer '14 Collection

Maison Kitsune's youthful Tee collection is a number of seasons deep now with all the fresh and exciting qualities it began with. Retaining Maison Kitsune's Parisian influences but more concerned with music and art, Kitsune Tee is an authentic representation of uber cool culture in the city of light. Whether preppy or urban, Kitsune's graphics are easily identifiable and distinct to them as a brand. We're delighted to see some of our favourite prints return and a few unexpected ones in the mix too.

To summarise this season is as strong as all that have came before it. Still centred around Paris and still as energetic as it's ever been it's an impressive output from a brand we know we can depend on. From pink marl sweaters to limited edition Andre tees the common denominator is wearabillity and having fun. Head over to the store to view each piece in a little more detail and brose the full collection online now.

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Feb 27th 2014: Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning Products

Proper care of your sneakers is an essential part of the sneaker game. If you thought getting hold of limited editions was the hard part, actually wearing them and keeping them in a crisp condition is a different issue entirely. Realising the need for a premium sneaker-care product Jason Markk stepped on the scene to offer footwear fans a lifeline.

This is not the cheap after care product they try and sell you at the local sports shop, Jason Markk produce serious product for those serious about their sneakers. One bottle of Markk's magic potion could be the saviour of nearly 200 pairs of kicks and between this and the Quick Wipes Jason has covered all the bases. A quick Google search and a few before and afters reveal that this stuff really does work too. Head over to the website to check out our Jason Markk essentials and be sure to Tweet us an image if it's done the job. 

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