Oct 29th 2013: HYPEBEAST Magazine 'The Process Issue'

Undoubtedly one of the driving forces in digital media HYPBEAST is one of the most exciting platforms in fashion. HYPEBEAST for many imbedded in the culture is a daily read, from the forums to the shop HYPEBEAST is the go-to digital destination for millions of viewers every week. With these type of internet credentials and years at the top of the game it was only right that the Hong Kong brand branch out into the world of print. 
HYPEBEAST's forray into the world of publishing squashes claims that print is second to digital output. Many would be sceptical that a magazine could offer anything different to a blog that's updated 20 times a day but the magazine manages to offer a lot more food for thought. With articles that are a lot more in depth and pages filled with food for thought, the publication slows the pace down and allows the reader to really digest what's going on in the field. HYPEBEAST is often where people hear about a brand first but in a genre that's filled with names the magazine allows us to really get behind the people and products. With this notion in mind we present the 'Process Issue' 
In terms of photographic content Issue 5 is as sharp as it's predecessors, with a CP Company featuring shoot in addition to an eye opening Barbour factory visit. Although the imagery is as polished as ever the real appeal of HYPEBEAST is of course the in depth features. The cover story this time round looks at the hallowed Supreme brand, Gary Warnett is granted a rare opportunity to chat with James Jebbia and the two embark on a conversational retrospective taking us all the way back to '94. 

A limited number of HYPEBEAST's 'Process Issue' can now be found in our online store and our Albert Road store in Middlesbrough.

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Oct 22nd 2013: Head Porter Plus x Reebok Classic 30th Anniversary

Although one of Japan's leading luggage experts, the prestigious Head Porter and in particular their Plus label is still relatively hard to find on our humble shores. It's exactly this exclusivity that has made the label cult famous over the years with eager buyers often having to import pieces over from Asia. Reebok have an eye for a good collaboration and 2013, the 30th anniversary of the 'Classic' has seen the brand collaborate with a whole host of tastemakers, Head Porter Plus standing out as one of the finest. 

The shoe itself is a thing of beauty. Rather than just pairing two brand names, Head Porter Plus and Reebok have actually created a product worthy of the hype, a silhouette that's distinct even amongst a 30 year legacy. In terms of materials it's a thoroughly premium encounter too with horsehide sitting next to sumptuous leather all brought together by two pairs of waxed laces. The wacky print and the considered material choices don't take anything away from the silhouette though as the same fantastic shape has been retained making the sleek tried and tested profile better than ever. The design is rounded off appropriately with a customized Head Porter Plus insole further to the Reebok branding found on the tongue. 

Limited numbers of the Reebok x Head Porter Plus colab will be available online in the Reebok brand section from 00.01 Saturday October 26th with remaining pairs hitting our shop floor the next morning.


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Oct 21st 2013: adidas Originals 'RUN THRU TIME' 00s Pack

adidas Originals have took us on a journey through time with their 'RUN THRU TIME' pack and took us through some of their most historic running silhouettes. The release comes to it's climax today as the brand present the third and final instalment based on the 00s. Using three time staggered models but reworking them with the same materials the brand has brought old silhouettes up to date whilst pushing forward with pioneering technology in the process.

Having already taken us through the 80s and the 90s the final edition takes a look at the 00s, a time when foccus seams to have shifted ever so slightly to simpler colourways and premium makeups. The three featured models are arguably at their strongest in the 00s with premium suede and subtle accents used throughout. Everything that's iconic about each individual model has of course been retained and from the ahead-of-time Torsion system to today's adiPrene there's a lot of technology on offer from a pack that is so aesthetically considered.

All three releases are now available under the adidas Originals section online.


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Oct 18th 2013: adidas Originals x Mark McNairy & KZK '84-Lab'

As well as an extensive back catalogue filled with iconic silhouettes, adidas Originals also has a rich portfolio of collaborators. Season after season the brand enlist an army of tastemakers for unique product time after time. Although we're familiar with Kazuki Kuraishi and his Japanese attention to detail under the '84-Lab' title, this season there's another part to the equation in the form of the inimitable Mark McNairy. 

McNasty as he's affectionately know is one of the most distinct designers in the game responsible for a number of zany designs even to the extent of flavored shoes. Although his efforts with adidas Originals are decidedly restrained, both the footwear and apparel are respectful of the brand's history and aesthetic, subtle reinterpretations rather than complete overhauls. From the re-branded ROM to the tweaked Rod Laver the footwear is sure to be appeal to hardened collectors as well as the fashion forward whilst the apparel does the same.

This season's '84-Lab' offering is all about classic designs with contemporary details and it's fair to say that both Kazuki and McNairy have nailed the brief, taking care of business as it were. Our picks from the Kazuki x Mark Mcnairy & adidas Originals colab will launch online from midnight tonight (19/10) with each style available in limited numbers. Stock permitting, the range will also be available to purchase in our Albert Road store from 10am the next morning.

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Oct 17th 2013: Carhartt WIP x APC Autumn & Winter '13

Although we're in the midst of a thriving colaboration culture, Carhartt & APC is undoubtedly one of the best we've seen in recent years. Although the product is simplistic the pairing has a noticeably organic feel to it, each piece the result of a real friendship rather than a vessel for financial gain. Over the past few years we've enjoyed watching the line mature but 2013 marks the final collection, at the height of it's unprecedented success. Just like they've done in previous seasons, the pair have injected new life into wardrobe staples, reinventing workwear to create unique and desirable product often equipped with a sense of playfulness as well as luxury. 

The versatile silhouettes comes courtesy of Carhartt WIP whilst APC provide the distinct fabric choices, a tried and tested formula which seems to have worked well. Although the final collection stays true to their values, Jean Toitou and Arnaud Faeh have had a little fun with it incorporating witty design touches inspired by Jimi Hendrix's 'if Six was Nine'. This reference is apparent with the quirky watch and it's jumbled face, although you run the risk of being late for work down to sheer confusion it's an unmistakable piece sure to be coveted seasons from now. 

There are of course more functional pieces in the range as primarily that is the collaboration's intention. Although each piece is built to last APC & Carhartt also instills a sense of luxury adding cashmere to what would of been acrylic and wool into pieces traditionally made of cotton. It's small touches like this that justify the el;elevated price tag and garner the alarming hype that each collection brings. Our picks from the APC x Carhartt collection are now online and in store in limited numbers. Head over to the designated section to see the pieces in more detail. 


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