Jul 15th 2014: Belstaff Autumn & Winter '14 - Online Now

Born in Staffordshire in 1924, Belstaff has gone from a brand with a simple aim to a worldwide industry powerhouse. Most brands begin with a purpose and Belstaff's was clean cut, Harry Grosberg wanted to create weatherproof outerwear and that he did. In just under 20 years Belstaff had sold over 40,000 motorcycle jackets despite a tricky economic market in the middle of both World Wars.

The rugged nature of Belstaff's outerwear found favour with motorcyclists and aviators but soon after they began to creep into fashion. From Steve McQueen to Che Guevara, they were championed by the iconic and became a first choice for an air of rebellious cool. More recently Belstaff have found their legendary jackets on the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio and David Beckham adding another noteworthy chapter to the ongoing legacy.

Belstaff's quality and craftsmanship has never changed but in 2011 the brand was purchased by a lucrative company for an almost eye-watering figure. This confirmed the brand's value and showed the industry that Belstaff and their iconic designs aren't going anywhere yet. With a new owner came new aims and refreshing the classics Belstaff put a focus on innovative materials and updated fits. It's innovation that the brand seem to be moving forward with as Autumn & Winter '14 looks more progressive than ever.

Belstaff is a brand that knows where it's going but also where it's been in the past. Although they use modern techniques and pioneering fabric research, every result still looks classic and the timeless aesthetic is retained. Leather, waxed cotton and quilting seem to feature heavily and the contemporary fits refresh what we're used to seeing.

The shots above should give you an indication of whats on offer but be sure to head over to the website to check out it out in more detail.

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Jul 07th 2014: adidas x Raf Simons Stan Smith

After reworking a handful of adidas' more obscure running silhouettes last year, Raf Simons shows a little restraint this season opting for the Stan Smith as a starting point. Raf Simons is a versatile designer in that sense and it's impressive to see such cutting edge design followed by minimalism in the season immediately following.

It's likely that the pared down design and minimalist approach comes from Raf's background in industrial design. This background twinned with a desire to make products better has seen Raf Simons go from strength to strength whether as a collaborator or director of his own brand. His Stan Smith is undoubtedly one of the simpler iterations we've seen since the shoe's re-release but after a wealth of remixes it's refreshing to see uniformity. True to the original a clean white leather is used but the defining detail comes courtesy of the punched R.

The Raf Simons Stan Smith will soon be available both in-store and online priced at £240.

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Jul 03rd 2014: adidas Originals Argyle Pack - Online Now

Inspired by Ivan Lendl and the reign adidas had over 80s court, the brand present this limited edition Argyle Pack. Focusing solely on apparel as the first part of the Premium Court Collection, adidas have rediscovered the essence of the era and re-appropriated a number of traditional tennis garments. The collection comes right on time for a summer of the sport but is designed to transcend far beyond the season.

As mentioned this release is only part one of a Premium Court onslaught and is centered around the classic Argyle pattern. It's a pattern we're all familiar with and one that links in well with the traditional aesthetics of 80s court. It's been 30 years since the debut of the first collection and Ivan Lendl's era but the timeless nature of the apparel has allowed it to age with grace.

It's a hard to pick a favorite but a highlight of the Argyle Pack is undoubtedly the Track Top. Although a common silhouette adidas have blessed this one with an air of superiority using an intelligent color palette set off brilliantly by the coloring of the Argyle. Finally this is presented in a limited edition box confirming it is a premium product unlike any modern equivalent.


The full Argyle pack is now available both online and in-store. As you might expect demand is high and numbers limited.

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Jul 02nd 2014: Undefeated Summer '14 Delivery - Online Now

We've just updated the site with a fresh batch of UNDFTD and predictably the brand have knocked it out of the park again. As usual the focus is placed firmly on quality and secondly a distinct aesthetic. UNDEFEATED branding runs throughout and enhances wardrobe staples taking them to the next level.

One of the highlights is undoubtedly the BS Sweat-Suit combining durable bottoms with a comfortable hooded pullover. This is typical of UNDFTD's style and shows off the LA brand obvious athletic influences. The 'Bad Sports' branding gives it a rough street-wear feel and the result is a unique twist on a staple sportswear.

All of our UNDEFEATED Summer '14 picks are now available both online and in-store whilst stocks last.


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Jul 01st 2014: G-Shock Spring & Summer '14

G-Shock watches are unbeatable. Unbeatable style and unbreakable construction, Casio's G-Shock line has literally gone from strength to strength. This season we've ushered G-Shock into our line-up with a range of the brand's staple designs in unique colorways.

Entering the market at a time when digital watches were just taking off, G-Shock quickly established a spot at the top and has since had a monopoly over the tough watch industry. As a Casio product, G-Shock had access to the latest technology available and the brand became synonymous with cutting edge innovation and durability. The first G-Shock hit the scene in 1983 and eradicated the common thought that a watch was a precious piece of jewellery, G-Shock is for wearing with confidence and without care.

Our line-up features the brand's modern classics and the designs that crossover from performance to streetwear. Always pushing forward, the colourways are fresh and exciting with as much focus on design as precise timekeeping. Head over to the store to take a closer look and stay tuned for new arrivals ahead of next season.

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