Mar 06th 2015: adidas Originals Made In Germany ZX 500 & Stan Smith

Admittedly a shoe based on Bavarian lederhosen doesn't necessarily evoke excitement at first but on closer inspection, the adidas 'Made In Germany' pack is a real masterpiece. Taking two silhouettes fans are familiar with and recreating them out of German factory, adidas have blended tradition, luxury and aesthetic appeal. Setting the silhouettes apart from the rest is a premium deer-skin upper whilst they take on a monochrome palette finished with a deer graphic to the tongue. Finally, the come presented in a unique white box with a commemorative card informing the wearer what the shoes stand for.

The first chapter from this collection will release online in limited numbers March 7th. Both the ZX 500 and the Stan Smith come in sizes UK7-11.


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Mar 03rd 2015: adidas Originals x Mark Gonzales Superstar 80s Pioneers Pack

Allowing the wearer the unique opportunity to customize their own, Mark Gonzales presents this original take on the Superstar 80s silhouette. A pioneer in both skateboarding and art, Gonzales approach knows no bounds. Known for his quirky Shmoo characters and inimitable scrawlings, his style of drawing is deeply personal and hard not to like. On the board, Gonzales is also unmatched. Credited as the first skater to utilize handrails and often considered one of the greatest street skaters of all time, Mark has earned an unshakeable place in the hall of fame.

Just like Mark Gonzales, the Superstar is a shoe that's never been held back. It's deep roots in various subcultures have made it a real mainstay in Originals output since it's inception. This version features embossed details throughout including a GONZALES call-out and Shmoo characters. In terms of colour it's left completely white, presenting a clean canvas for willing artists. Whether you use the pen set or not, there's no denying this is one of the most unique takes on the Superstar we've ever seen. Available in limited numbers from March 4th priced at £110 per pair.

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Feb 25th 2015: adidas Originals Spezial Part 2 - Spring '15

The second season of the Spezial collection for Spring Summer 2015 has landed. The brainchild of Gary Aspden and the product of adidas craftsmanship. The collection harks back to the golden age of the tracksuit in which Gary explains it was a symbol of affluence rather than anything else. To be viewed as leisurewear rather than sportswear, the Spezial apparel has an air of sophistication unlike most sportswear product and takes the fans back to a forgotten age.


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Feb 20th 2015: adidas Originals x Neighborhood Spring '15


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Feb 13th 2015: adidas Originals Spezial Footwear Spring '15

Following on from autumn and winter success, adidas Originals have unveiled the latest Spezial collection spearheaded by Gary Aspden. Again focusing on premium leisure footwear and the best of adidas, Spezial is packed full of archive references and cultural design cues. Whilst we await the collection's arrival due for release on the 28th February, take a look at the vintage catalog ads below and let adidas talk you through the footwear offering. From the use of GORE-TEX to Freizet revival, it's a real labour of love showing just how much experience the Originals team boasts.


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